Oregon Suzuki Institute

The Oregon Suzuki Institute is a week-long program held every summer at George Fox University. The institute provides an opportunity for Suzuki students to receive lessons, perform, and take classes in order to reinforce their normal studies at home.

Teacher Workshops: The Institute provides workshops for teachers to begin learning to teach according to the Suzuki Philosophy. The workshops also help current Suzuki teachers to expand their skills. See the current offerings below.

The Advanced Chamber
Music Workshop
is a seven-day program for advanced string and piano students, age 14 and up, with strong note reading skill. Students may enroll as a pre-formed group or they will be assigned to an ensemble.

Suzuki Cello LessonStudent Institute: June 24 – June 29, 2018
(Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano)

Schedules for OSI Participants:
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Advanced Chamber Music Program:
June 23 – June 29, 2018

Teacher Workshops for 2018

  • June 24, 2018: Every Child Can! — Danette Schuh
  • June 24 – June 29, 2018:
    • Cello Unit 3 — Ann Grabe
    • Revisiting Violin Unit 1 — Edmund Sprunger
    • Viola Overview Units 1 – 3 — Betsy Stuen-Walker
  • June 25 – 29, 2018: Suzuki Early Childhood Education Stage 1 (Pre-Natal and Early Years) — Danette Schuh

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